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Now upcomming shows, and artist info.

There are a few bands called “Now”, with five listed here: one from the UK, one from Belgium, one from Sweden, one from Korea and one from Austin, Texas.

The first “Now” is a band from London, UK. The band was formed in 1998 by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Justin Paton. The band is known for their powerful, energizing live performances during which members of the audience are sometimes invited to join manic extended improvisation parts. Their music has been described as krautrocky, catchy, contemporary, inventive, exotic, melodious and harmonious and disharmonious 21st century pop music.

The group released their debut album ‘Frisbee Hot Pot’ with Pickled Egg Records in 2006 to much critical acclaim. Their follow-up release in the same year, ‘The London Evening News’, is a collaboration with Ex-Can’s Damo Suzuki. Apart from Damo Suzuki, Now has collaborated nationally and internationally with Charles Hayward, Salvatore, Rebecca Closure, Man From Uranus, Albino Radio and many others.

The band’s current line-up consists of Justin Paton, Angela Last and Richard Thomas. They have just released their fifth album 'Ooodipooomn' on Pickled Egg Records. Other albums came out on different labels: 'The Hepadaboo' was released on the Japanese Flau label, the min-album 'Oisheedy Anna' came out on the disco_r.dance label (UK), and the Japan Live-Album 'ooo-doo-sigh' on Clinical Archives. For more information see www.nowtheband.com.

The second “Now” is a band from Belgium. The band was formed in the late 80’s, and is known for “Yes-influenced progressive rock”, with Vincent Fis on vocals, guitar, Hervé Borbé on keyboards, piano, backing vocals, Veronique Duychaerts on bass, backing vocals, and Jean-Pierre Nelles on drums. Although now inactive, they released four albums: Now (??), Complaint of the Wind (87), Spheres (91), and Deep (92).

The music of "NOW" from Sweden is based on live performance and the sound and direction of the music is in constant flux. Their sound contains elements of minimalistic grooves, kraut, funk, and jazz. Since their start in 2000, "NOW" has performed on clubs and art galleries in Sweden, Germany, Norway and Denmark and has a reputation of being an excellent live act. Band members: Per Möller (drums and percussion), Kim Walltin (electric bass), Fredrik Suter (electric guitar). The Swedish NOW is now renamed to NOWMUSIK. See www.nowmusik.net | www.myspace.com/nowmusik | www.last.fm/music/NOWMUSIK.

The Now were a band from the good old days of Punk Rock, although they were far removed from what is traditionally known as 'Punk'. Intelligent songs, political lyrics and a musical style that was much more in keeping with bands like the Gang of 4, PragVeg and other 'New Wave' bands.

The band are: Mike McGuire on Vocals, Steve Rolls on Guitar, Faz Farrow on Bass and Joe MacColl on Drums.
They released two singles 'Development Corporations' on Ultimate Records in November 1977 and 'Into The 80's' on Raw Records in 1979. They had split up by the end of 1979.

Now is hardcore band from Austin, Texas.

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