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Entheos Carnifex So This Is Suffering Whitechapel Rings of Saturn at Baltimore SoundStage

Thursday 11/16
124 Market Place

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There are 7 artists bearing the name Carnifex:

1) Deathcore band from the USA.
2) Finnish old school death metal band.
3) A Danish hardstyle act.
4) A death metal band from Germany.
5) A Norwegian black metal band.
6) An Estonian progressive death metal band.
7) An Italian death metal/grindcore/noise band.

1) 2005 - 2012; 2013 - present
Carnifex is a Latin word meaning "executioner". Carnifex formed in 2005 in San Diego, California, United States with a starting lineup of Scott Lewis, Cory Arford, and Shawn Cameron, as well as former members Steve McMahon (bass) and Travis (guitar). After releasing two demos they were signed to underground label This City Is Burning Records and released their debut album Dead In My Arms on July 12, 2007. The reasonable success of this album, and the prevalence of the deathcore genre as a whole, attracted the attention of Victory Records.

Carnifex signed to Victory Records in 2008 and released The Diseased and the Poisoned in June 2008, which reached #19 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers Chart. On February 16, 2010, Carnifex released their third studio album, Hell Chose Me. On October 24, 2011, their fourth album, Until I Feel Nothing was released on Victory Records, and was produced by As I Lay Dying vocalist, Tim Lambesis. On October 9, 2012, the band's vocalist, Scott Ian Lewis, announced via Carnifex' Facebook page that the band is going on indefinite hiatus. However, on July 9th, 2013, the band announced that they were resuming activities, and even announced that a new album was in the works - Die Without Hope, which is scheduled to be released March 4th, 2014.

2) The Finnish death metal band Carnifex was formed in 1990. They released a split album with Festerday, and a demo entitled "Decadence", both in 1991. After that, the band broke up and nothing has been heard of them since.

3) Named after the Latin word for executioner, Carnifex is made up of DJMads Skov Nielsen (Squarehead) and Anders Bo Wegeland (ABW). The two members also work under the alias, Da Revolutionists Read m  more 
So This Is Suffering
So This Is Suffering is a Deathcore band from Victorville, California. Check them out at http://www.myspace.com/sothisissuffering Their four track EP "Harlot" is available on PureVolume for free.
http://www.purevolume.com/sothisissufferingmusic Current line-up:
Richard Guitierrez
Zedadiah Martinez
Robert Perez
Zack Gamez  more 
There are mutliple artists with this name:

1. Whitechapel is a six-piece brutal deathcore band from Knoxville, TN. The band has a recurring theme of Jack the Ripper, hence being named after the area of London (England) where the killer found his victims. They are signed to Metal Blade Records and have had a rapidly growing fanbase ever since their debut full-length “The Somatic Defilement” was released July 31st, 2007.

Brandon Cagle left the band in November 2007 due to a motorcycle accident that has since left his right arm disabled and in need of surgery. The group released their second album, "This is Exile" , in July 2008.

2. Whitechapel is an American Synthpop/Futurepop band.

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Rings of Saturn
Technical Spacecore band from Bay Area, California (United States)

Their debut full length album, 'Embryonic Anomaly', is now available and can be purchased directly from the band. Pricing and payment details are available on the band's Myspace page. 'Embryonic Anomaly' was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Bob Swanson at Mayhemenness Studios in Sacramento, CA and features artwork by Tony Koehl (The Black Dahlia Murder, Dismal Lapse). Details for a digital album release are currently being finalized.

Prior to recording the new album, Rings Of Saturn had one pre-production song on their page, entitled 'Abducted'. The track set a precedent of sorts for fans, displaying what the band was capable of, but ultimately served as nothing more than a teaser of what was to come. At midnight on March 28th, 2010 the band unleashed 3 scathingly shredtastic new tracks on their Myspace page. The new songs racked up over 1,000 plays within the first 24 hours of being posted and maintained a consistent hit rate, leading to a culmination of over 10,000 plays within the first week.

Adding to their list of accomplishments, Rings Of Saturn have managed to impress members of Tennessee's extreme metal titans, Whitechapel (Metal Blade) as well as Northern California shredders, Conducting From The Grave (Sumerian), gaining praise and positive support from both bands.

The album is now complete, but their work is far from over. On top of continuing to heavily promote 'Embryonic Anomaly', Rings of Saturn have also been rehearsing feverishly in order to prepare themselves for the road, and will be making their live debut this Summer.

For more information, please get in touch with the band directly via email at rings-of_saturn@hotmail.com.  more 
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