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Heavy Wire Lushfarm Vinny Vegas Two Inch Astronaut at Metro Gallery

Saturday 06/23
1700 North Charles St

Heavy Wire
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lushfarm is a band of staunch non-intellectuals intent on bringing you back to the days when rock music was something more than an emotion piece for a movie soundtrack, or a catchy tune for a commercial. there was a time when people went to shows to check out a new band, and lushfarm is that band.


official website:

craig taylor - vocals, guitars
greg binney - drums
gregory anderson - basses

dead at 30 (released Jan. 1st, 2009)
self-titled (release Sept. 20th, 2011)  more 
Vinny Vegas
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Two Inch Astronaut
(WARNING: The band now makes Anti-Prog Arena Math, a somewhat inaccurate band description follows this warning.)
Two Inch Astronaut is the lo-fi acoustic project from Maryland's Samuel Rosenberg, Damian Worthy, and Matthew Gatwood. Two Inch Astronaut's debut EP Slip Disco is a beast of a different nature, opting for a much calmer and far more serene approach to their songwriting. The interesting timing and jazzy quality of post-punk's technicality still rears its head every now and then, but the band do so over acoustic and reverb heavy atmospheres, putting songwriting first. Rosenberg's vocals are catchy and clear, strongly reminiscent of Pinback's Rob Crow. The entire band pay close attention to detail and texture, creating indie rock that isn't contrived or concerned at fitting in with trends. Read m  more 
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