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Gideon Varials Nothing Left Chamber Polaris at Ottobar

Monday 08/13
2549 N. Howard St.

Two artists share the name Gideon.

1) Hardcore/Metalcore band from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Gideon, an aggressive, melodic hardcore band with an already impressive repertoire. Well-placed gang vocals and a powerful front man set Gideon apart from many of their peers, while the band as a whole, whose members have been playing together only since 2008, come off sounding like seasoned pros. Their Facedown debut “Costs” (engineered by Brian Hood) will be released on March 1, 2011

2) Anticlub and Lessismorecordings head honcho Gideon Hommes has no time to waste. He lives for music 24 hours a day. Producing, recording, spinning, selling and above all, loving music is what keeps him busy. There is no past, only future and Gideon is setting the standard higher and higher with his ever-evolving productions.

In a few years he built up an impressive discography with over a 100 released tracks under his different alter egos Gideon, The Economist and G. Early 2008 he released some tracks on big international record labels such as Kanzleramt (Berlin) and Sino (Hong Kong) followed by a complete artist album on both labels. On Kanzleramt he released his “Need No Permission” album in October 2008. Now 2009 he is the driving force within a Dutch label collective called Homedistribution, under his new company he manages 14 labels.

His debut and conceptual album NoNameNoFaceNoNumber was already released on his own label Lessismorecordings in 2007, where he showed a new approach to dubby techno and sequential composition. Running Lessismorecordings and labels like Grayarea, Anticlub and Minimalplus is one of his favourite occupations.

Gideon Alexis Tyrel Hommes was born in 1980 in the city of technology where Philips made the first steps in electronic music composition. In 1990 Gideon had his first contact with underground electronic music and has been hooked ever since. Spinning records and producing have been keeping him busy for more than a decade. So we can easily say that, he is not only an innovative and a differentiating producer of electronic music who runs his own label, he is also an experienced and very skilled DJ. In other words he is the full package of a modern artist.

The DJ sets he plays under his own name Gideon are techno oriented and memorable for playing the new unreleased material and things to come from the several labels he runs and supports. He combines the expected with the unexpected, monotone grooves with melodic revelations, rawness with sophistication and modern minimalism with old school renaissance. Contradiction? He does not think so. Gideon gives you a new vision on the full techno spectrum; he incorporates his love for the old days with his vision on the things to come.
He already played impressive venues like: Bergain/Ostgut (Berlin), Tresor (Berlin), Flex (Vianna), Arm17 (Moscow), One (Mardid), Awakenings Festival (Holland), Extrema Outdoor Festival (Holland) and more

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Nothing Left
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There are numerous bands named Polaris.
1. An indie rock band from the United States
2. A metalcore band from Australia
3. A punk band from England
4. A rock band from Japan
5. A DJ and producer from France
6. An electronic project from Poland
7. a post-hardcore band from the United Kingdom
8. an indie rock band from Argentina
9. A power metal band from France
10. A techno band from Spain
11. A project of musician Neil Sutherland
12. A thrash metal band from Brazil

1. Polaris was a one-off musical project in the mid-1990s involving members of the New Haven indie rock band Miracle Legion

Mark Mulcahy, Spot "Scott" Boutier, and Dave McCaffrey performed music for the Nickelodeon television show The Adventures of Pete & Pete under the name Polaris because a fourth Miracle Legion member was not available at the time; occasional guests included Joyce Raskin, Dennis Kelly, and Buell Thomas.

Polaris performed many of the songs featured on the show, including the theme song, "Hey Sandy", and its members took "TV names": Mulcahy was "Muggy", Boutier was "Jersey", and McCaffrey was "Harris Polaris." In addition to appearing in the opening credits of each show, the band featured prominently in the episode "A Hard Day's Pete", in which Little Pete (Danny Tamberelli) is mesmerized by a garage band's song (Polaris' "Summerbaby") and forms his own band to keep the tune in his memory.

Music from The Adventures of Pete & Pete, released in 1999 on Mulcahy's Mezzotint label, contains many of the songs Polaris recorded for the show and is the group's only album release.

2. Polaris is a five-piece metalcore band from the South of Sydney, Australia.
Following up their 2013 debut EP "Dichotomy", January 2016 saw the band release their sophomore EP "The Guilt & The Grief", and a year later they signed to Resist Records.

3. Polaris - an alternative punk band based in St Albans. Having played a variety of local shows, Polaris are slowly gathering a bigger and bigger cult following. It has been hinted that the release of their first EP is coming late April/early May of 2011. The track listing and title is however yet to be confirmed, but fans will be expecting crowd favourite's "She's A Killer" and "Round and Round"

4. Polaris are a Japanese band consisting of ex-LaB LIFe vocalist Ohya Yusuke and ex-Fishmans bassist Kashiwabara Yuzuru.

5. French DJ and Producer, also known as DJ Arno.

6. Polish electronic music project , established in 1999 by Jakub Kmiec.

7. British post-hardcore/emocore band from 1993-2006.

8. Polaris has been an indie rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 2002.

9. French power metal band.

10. Spanish Techno/Dancefloor-Project.

11. Polaris is a performance name for Neil Sutherland.

12. Brazillian Thrash Metal band founded in 2009 Read m  more 
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